Common Room

Writing Wrongs

Marilyn Ricci shares a poem from her new sequence, and chats with Charlotte about metaphor and trauma.

What Didn’t Happen

For this Understory Conversation, Lorna Dowell invites guest Lydia Fulleylove to talk about a poem from her new book.

On Making What We Need

Natalie Shaw and Charlotte chat around weaving poems as ‘little breathing devices’.

On Hugeness

For this Understory Conversation, Georgia Gildea and Charlotte compare notes on hugeness, need and containment.

An Honest Map

Hilary Menos shares a poem and chats to Charlotte about the importance of craft and remaking the world.

On ‘Baring’ the Understory

Heidi Beck chats to Sarah about one of her poems, and on working with discomfort, containment and risk.

On Seeing What’s Really There

For this conversation, Sarah invites guest poet and Poetry Business stablemate Helen Seymour in for a chat about Helen’s new collection The Underlook. They explore how humour and surrealism can help if we feel driven underground.

How Words Make it Possible

Here, Vic Pickup chats with Charlotte about how she rediscovered poetry, and found the (angry) friends she needed.

Through the Window of a Poem

In this Understory Conversation, Lorna Dowell chats with Anne Bailey. They look together at a poem Lorna chose from Anne’s new pamphlet.

Poem Exchange Part Two: ‘Corners’

Alan Buckley and Charlotte decided to frame their sample Understory Conversation as a ‘poem exchange’: they each chose a poem of the other’s to respond to. Alan chose Charlotte’s poem ‘Corners’.