One-to-one Understory Conversations are similar to a critical friendship: a companioning along the way.

You’ll work with Charlotte who’ll get to know you and your work and the Understory you’re working with.

You may be working on one specific project, or choose to engage while developing and perhaps deepening your practice more generally.

One-to-ones don’t provide the resources of a whole group, of course – that group magic – but they can be more flexible, and provide a rich, on-going dialogue focused closely and solely on your work.

Ive been struck by Charlotte’s insightfulness, the depth of trust established between us, and by her acute ability to see through to the essence of what Im trying to do in my writing.

Writer working one-to-one

I can’t believe how quickly I’ve established a rapport with Charlotte. In no time at all, I have begun to remove blocks and tackle projects on which I had stalled. This is partly because she’s such a talented writer and editor, but also because of the person she is: warm, compassionate and empathetic.

Charlotte has the gift of making me feel supported on every level. Not only does she understand the creative process and tailor the support to my personal needs, but her feedback is respectful and sensitive. Always mindful of what it is that I’m wanting to say, it seems as important to her as it is to me that I stay true to myself.

In the past, I’ve had to steel myself for conversations about my work, but with Charlotte, The Conversation is never tense or difficult. As serious and committed as we both are, we can laugh. I come away focused but smiling.

Writer working one-to-one

If you think you’d like to engage one-to-one, drop me a message through the Contacts form letting me know a bit about yourself and your creative practice. I’ll respond with more information, including availability and costs. Beyond that, we’ll work out the details together.