The Understory Conversation is a hub for creatives.

We’re keen to engage with others who, like us, want to challenge and change the way we talk together.

The whole ethos is this: a mutual intent to meet around a theme, The Understory, while each member explores their own creative and personal development.

We value depth, attunement, subtlety and kindness.

We meet in small, ongoing, online groups or one-to-one, aiming to provide head and heart room for every member.

We’re also exploring other ways to extend The Understory Conversation – to start with we’ll be publishing work in our Common Room space.

We’re approaching this whole project in a spirit of experimentation, and hope to continually evolve and develop.

We’d love to hear from poets, prose writers, visual artists, photographers, film makers, musicians, makers… anybody with a creative practice and a genuine interest in engaging.

Will you join the Conversation?

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